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Family Outreach recognise that many of our families can feel isolated due to their child being transported to school by taxi. This means that parent/carers are unable to have daily face 2 face contact with school or other parent/carers. The missed “On the gate” discussions many mainstream parent/carers have can provide a great source of information for families.

In light of this Family Outreach aim to provide regular opportunities for our families to come together, share information, learn new skills and support each other.

At school Family Outreach run or facilitate sessions to bring families together. These are as follows:

Halesbury School runs a variety of Family and adult learning sessions every Tuesday morning 9.30-11.30

Please look at our Calendar for specific information on what’s on at each site.

Family Outreach and School run a variety of fundraising events and get together sessions for parent/carers. We also promote any other local community events that families may want to access. Please see Calendar for up and coming events.

Family Outreach publish a monthly newsletter which includes key information that families may find useful regarding school and other services/support available. These are sent home with Children each month and can also be accessed on the Get Involved section of the website.

Both schools are keen to involve parent/carers in school life and provide a variety of opportunities for parent/carers to share ideas and opinions. Please see the Parent-Carer Groups and Events icon within Get Involved.

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