As a school we recognise that being a parent/carer of a disabled child presents its own challenges and that these challenges can impact on the whole family. When families are well supported and equipped to overcome these challenges we know that this can only have a positive impact on our parent/carers, their children and their engagement in school.


In recognition of this Halesbury School has worked to recruit their very own Family Outreach Coordinator. The coordinator’s role is to work closely with our families to provide support, sign posting and engagement opportunities and is a unique service to Halesbury School. The coordinator works closely with services across the borough and aims to be a contact point for information sharing as well as providing direct support to our families.

The Family Outreach Coordinator works with families in school or through home visits to support with advocacy, benefit forms, coordination of services, referrals for support, transition support, access to funding and opportunities to be involved with school life such as coordinating events, family and adult learning programmes and innovative projects in school.

We host weekly adult and family learning sessions at Halesbury, please see the calendar of events for more information. We also hold approximately three fundraising events each year which all of our families are welcome attend and finally Family Outreach coordinates a one week summer holiday scheme for pupils of Halesbury School.

Feedback has shown that our parent/carers find the support invaluable and the service has supported over 100 families to date.

If you have any further questions about the role of Family Outreach in school please do not hesitate to contact Jo Green, our Family Outreach Coordinator via telephone or email or using the Contact Us page.