Family Outreach is a service offered by Halesbury School aiming to support parents/carers of the pupils of Halesbury. As a school we recognise the difficulties that can be faced when raising a child with a disabilities therefore we aim to not only offer an education for your child but also a support network for parents and carers.

There are many different aspects of the Family Outreach role and a wide range of support that can be offered to families. As a school we work under the Early Help (hyperlinked to Early Help Page) initiative which is a shared support network across a wide variety of services in Dudley.

Early Help encompasses all of a families support needs and is put in place in school on a formal and informal basis. Halesbury’s Family Outreach is separate from Dudley’s Local Authority services such as Family Centres and Social Services which allows a lot more freedom around the support we can provide with no thresholds or waiting lists.

Halesbury recognises the importance of supporting parents & carers and offering a holistic package of pastoral support.

Find out more about Family Outreach HERE.

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